Young Vietnamese filmmakers focus on revolution

by VTV News31 August 2015 Last updated at 18:03 PM

VTV.vn - The first Vietnamese films were made in 1947, two years after the August Revolution. Hundreds of filmmakers and staff who suffered through two wars marked the first generation of Vietnam’s revolutionary film industry.

Nowadays, young Vietnamese filmmakers are still keen to produce films on revolutionary and post-war topics. Nguoi Tro Ve (The Return of Soldiers) is the latest movie on revolutionary and post-war topics. This film project is the largest to be funded by the People’s Army Cinema, featuring stories of those who survived from the war. Most of the cast and crew are young, born in the 1980s onward.

Dang Thai Huyen, Director of The Return of Soldiers Movie, said: "This is the so-called 10-year project of People’s Army Cinema. It also shows the maturity of a young generation of filmmakers. We have tried our best to convey a message to the younger Vietnamese generation about the hardships that our predecessors had to face during and after the war".

Over the past 10 years, revolutionary films, including Nha Tien Tri (The Prophet), Mo Gio ( Fake Tombs), and Đừng đốt (Don’t Burn) have garnered public attention. Most of those films are produced by State-owned studios at a cost of less than 1 million USD. Local film crews have had to work hard to produce high quality cinema.

Ngo Phuong Lan, Head of Cinematography Department, Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said: "I really admire the work and effort put into those films. Young film makers have successfully revitalised cinematography methods and techniques, and are finding new ways to approach young audiences".

Nowadays, young Vietnamese filmmakers are winning national and international awards. And many of them have challenged themselves with films featuring revolutionaries, soldiers, and post-war events.

In order to promote these films, a screening has begun nationwide to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day (September 2).

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