Supporting Vietnamese shrimp farmers to adopt intensive shrimp farming with Gro-farm technology

by VTV News20 April 2021 Last updated at 17:04 PM

VTV.vn - More than 70% of shrimp farmers who applied new model can achieve highly profitable crops.

On April 16, in Phu Quoc City (Kien Giang), Grobest Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Grobest) organized the Southern and Western Customer Conference 2021 with the theme of "Successful Transformation". The event celebrates the successful first phase of Grobest's long-term support program for Vietnamese shrimp farmers, to convert their traditional soil ponds to canvas-lined ponds by Gro-farm technology.

Addressing the conference, Mr. Samson Li, Grobest Global Chief Executive Officer, said: “Vietnam is an important market in Grobest's strategic development. We are committed to continue investing long-term resources in this market to accompany Grobest's customers and local farmers. In this pursuit, Grobest focuses on product quality, especially highly efficient functional products, helping shrimp grow faster, stronger and more sustainably”.

Mr. Samson Li, Grobest Global Chief Executive Officermade the opening speech at the Conference.

Mr. Samson Li, Grobest Global Chief Executive Officermade the opening speech at the Conference.

“Specifically, in the recent occasion of saline intrusion, diseases, and environmental problems, the shortcomings of Vietnam’s traditional large-scale shrimp farming model are becoming increasingly apparent, with low success rate. Meanwhile, intensive and super-intensive shrimp farming is gradually becoming the new trend, with more than 70% of shrimp farmers who applied this model can achieve highly profitable crops. However, the transition to the newer models are facing various challenges in terms of technology and capital, among others. To help farmers bridge this gap, Grobest Vietnam has carried out a program to offer lots of practical support to shrimp farmers to spread this more efficient model using our Gro-farm technology”, he added.

Since its inception, this Grobest program has helped shrimp farmers across the country overcome the financial and technical obstacles and transform their production models. In June 2020, Grobest provided pilot support for 120 ponds owned by 60 traditional shrimp farmers. Through direct technology support and close supervision and consultancy from Grobest’s team of technicians, the converted ponds reported clear differences and achieved positive returns within 3 months. With the initial successes, Grobest officially began replicating the model on October 2020. It is expected that in 2021, thousands of intensive and super-intensive ponds using the Gro-farm shrimp farming technology will be completed.

Some shrimp farms apply Gro-farm technology in Bac Lieu

Some shrimp farms apply Gro-farm technology in Bac Lieu

Mr. N.V.N, a 55-year-old shrimp farmer receiving support from the Grobest program, shared: “I had been thinking about switching to intensive or super-intensive shrimp farming for a long time, but I was always discouraged by the large investment cost. Grobest technicians saw my concerns and gave me guidance to help me switch with confidence. I am very happy that I could make the right decision for my shrimp”.

In addition to the program that supports shrimp farmers to convert from traditional to intensive and super-intensive production, Grobest has also implemented a larvae production cooperation program and the “My shrimp, My Decision” campaign, accompanyingfarmers to achieve high-quality crops.


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