Opportunities for all women in the digital age

by PV/VTV12 June 2016 Last updated at 07:25 AM

(Photo: VNA)
(Photo: VNA)

VTV.vn - The 26th Global Summit of Women opened in Warsaw, Poland on Thursday. Themed Women: Building an Inclusive Economy in the Digital Age, the summit highlighted opportunities as well as challenges women are facing in digital economies.

Currently, around more than 7 billion people use mobile phones; over 3 billion use internet. No one can deny the tremendous role of the digital technology in the development of economy in terms of productivity and service quality.

However, digital technology is also posing challenges for developing countries which are lagging behind. And particularly, how to help women in the digital age is also a thorny question.

Representing Vietnam, Vice State President Thinh briefed participants on Vietnam’s achievements on gender equality, as well as the country’s policies to raise the positions of women and encourage them to involve in all fields of the society.

"Vietnam has issued many policies and deployed multiple solutions to improve the position of women in society. We have focused on improving the quality of women’s resources; attracting investment in agriculture and rural areas in order to create local jobs, especially for women workers; ensuring gender equality through development policies. With the efforts of women in Vietnam, we can say that Vietnamese women have and will continue to contribute positively to the development of a comprehensive economy in the digital age", Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh - Vietnamese Vice State President - spoke.

The three-day event brought together nearly 1,000 delegates from 74 economies. During the event, a ministerial roundtable on public-private partnership in boosting economic opportunities for women and girls, a forum of the future of cities, and several discussion panels will be organised.

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