Australian ambassador inspires people to visit Ha Giang

by VOV19 April 2016 Last updated at 13:50 PM

VTV.vn - Australian Ambassador Hugh Borrowman has visited almost all provinces and cities across Vietnam during his four-year working term in Vietnam.

He is most impressed with the northern mountainous region, particularly Ha Giang province.

He visited Ha Giang last year and was overwhelmed by its imposing scenery and cultural identities. He also understood difficulties that people in one of the country’s poorest provinces are facing.

photo: VOV

photo: VOV

In the 2015-2016 fiscal year, the ambassador approved the implementation of 13 projects in the framework of the Direct Aid Program (DAP) in Ha Giang province.

Last week, together with his wife and son, he paid an on-site visit to five out of the total 13 projects implemented in Ha Giang province and experienced a homestay in Lung Cu commune, Meo Vac district.

The ambassador said for him, Ha Giang is the most attractive place in Vietnam. Everyone should visit Ha Giang one time in their life.

During his stay in Ha Giang, he presented more than 1,000 helmets to pupils and teachers in Bac Quang district, and sewing and weaving machines to Dao ethnic minority women in Vi Xuyen and Dong Van districts.

photo: VOV

photo: VOV

He came to famous tourist destinations in Ha Giang like Vuong House (the mansion of a H’Mong King), Ma Pi Leng Pass, Lung Cu Flagpole, North Pole Coffee Pub and Vietnam-China border landmarks. At a working session with Ha Giang provincial leaders, the ambassador congratulated the province on attracting a large number of visitors, especially during the Buckwheat flower festival. He hoped that the authorities will help local people improve living condition while preserving cultural identity and nature and protecting environment.

photo: VOV

photo: VOV

Before ending his working term in Vietnam in June, he and seven other ambassadors from the US, the UK, Sweden, Italy, Canada, the Czech Republic and Argentina planned to join an adventurous tour of Son Doong Cave. They will pay all tour’s fees by themselves.


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