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Central Highlands provinces boost digital transformation in agriculture

09/19/2022 17:59 - Grasping the trend of digital transformation in agriculture in recent years, Central Highlands provinces have gradually taken an appropriate approach, creating breakthroughs to bring fast, modern and sustainable development to agriculture.


Tourism sites upgraded to preserve culture of central highland

10/29/2018 12:14 - The ethnic longhouse groups of Vietnam's Central Highlands have many unique cultural traits.

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Polygamy common practice in Central Highlands

10/03/2017 08:59

storey house of resident Triệu Đức Chính of the Central Highlands Đắk Lắk Province is home to ten people: Chính himself, his three wives, and their six children.


Central highlands’s elephant and boat race

03/13/2017 09:34 - The Central Highlands of Vietnam is known for its vast lands, gong culture and elderly villagers who tell stories of epic heroes. But it is also known as the home of elephants.

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Central Highlands forestland to be rejuvenated

10/06/2016 09:26 - The proposal is intended to prevent the loss of forestland and rejuvenate the livelihood of Central Highlands' forests.

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Central Highland lifestyle showcased in Hanoi

03/27/2016 15:33 - Every year, March is the time when the Central Highland people celebrate the spring season.

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Central Highlands strives to preserve wood sculpting

03/20/2016 20:38 - Wood sculpting is one of many unique types of folk art in the Central Highlands.

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Central key economic region

02/12/2016 08:37 - Formed on the basis of the marine economic sector , the central region has become a crucial economic zone.

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Poverty Reduction project proves effective in Central Highland

12/26/2015 11:16 - The joint World Bank - Vietnamese government Central Highlands Poverty Reduction Project has been implemented for a year with the intention of enhancing local living standards and ensuring sustainable poverty reduction.

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Ho Chi Minh Highway’s Central Highlands route officially opens

07/01/2015 13:30 - Sections of the Ho Chi Minh Highway have been officially inaugurated in a stretch through the Central Highlands. The 663-km highway is now officially open for traffic.

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Central Highlands highway upgrades to cost $3b

05/26/2015 14:24 - Nearly VND65 trillion would be poured into a dozen road investment projects across the Central Highlands by 2020 to promote socio-economic development in the region, the Steering Committee for the Central Highlands has announced.


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