“No whisper” – a new program about mental issues for teenagers in VTV7

by QA09 May 2019 Last updated at 10:00 AM

“No whisper” – a new program about mental issues for teenagers in VTV7 - “No whisper” is a series of talk show targeting teenagers and adolescents from the age of 15 to 22. The show is a confession about psychological problems of students.

Each episode of “No Whisper” will exploit a new psychological aspect of teenagers. The appearance of celebrities in the program including well-known singers, actors or presenters … will be a new fascinating point of the show. Meanwhile, the viewers will have a chance to listen and discuss  on such  interesting topics as changes in human  body in puberty age, friendship of people of different sexes, among others

Besides, students also have the opportunities to speak up their own thinking in  interviews.

In order to produce objective and diverse opinions, the production team will conduct survey on students at High Schools and Universities in Hanoi City .The medical and psychological counsel will be provided by Dr. Le Van Hao (Vietnam Institute of Psychology) and doctor Nguyen Hoai Bac (Viet Duc Hospital).

Especially, the show will be hosted by  Tran Ngoc and Hong Hanh. Tran Ngoc is the well-known face of some shows on VTV such as The Sheep Tale (Chuyen ke cua nhung chu cuu), Peekapoo (U Oa),…. Meanwhile, Hong Hanh is a beautiful VJ who owns  a famous YouTube channel. The cooperation between the presenters Tran Ngoc and Hong Hanh will make a dynamic dual to blow fresh air to the program.