Yen Bai: 16 people killed, missing in floods

by VTV412 October 2017 Last updated at 15:31 PM

Yen Bai: 16 people killed, missing in floods - Torrential rains brought by a tropical low pressure system on October 10 and 11 triggered floods in the northern province of Yen Bai which left 16 people dead or missing as of 1:00 pm on October 11.

The floods also damaged over 230 houses in Van Chan in Tram Tau District and Nghia Lo town in the northern Yen Bai Province on October 11.

The province has dispatched more than 100 soldiers and health workers to the site for search and rescue operations. Meanwhile, landslides have shut down many roads in Nghia Lo and Van Chan, with dozens of landslides being reported along provincial road No. 174 going from Nghia Lo to Tram Tau, blocking vehicles.