What's new in "Connecting Melodies - My Playlist" in March

by Hồng Quân10 March 2021 Last updated at 08:00 AM

What's new in 'Connecting Melodies - My Playlist' in March - The March broadcast series entitled ''Folk music'' promises new breeze with the participation of favorite singers and musicians of the audience.

In its first taping of 2021, Connecting Melody - My Playlist introduced many changes to attract the audience.

In the new version in 2021, the duration of Connecting Melodies - My Playlist increases from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Each episode will have two guests with the participation of many famous singers on stage.

Another highlight of Connecting Melodies - My Playlist in March is that singers Yen Le and Minh Vuong will bring to the show songs composed by themselves based on folk materials which will create a both strange and familiar musical space.

In addition, many other favorite voices were also featured on the show such as Thai Thuy Linh, Khanh Linh, Hong Duyen, Ta Quang Thang, among others.

Connecting Melodies - My Playlist in March will offer an interesting musical space to the audience on a new schedule that is every Sunday afternoon. The program will start from 2.10 pm on Sunday (March 14) on the VTV1 channel.