What make the specialty" Homecoming Day 2021 program?

by Hồng Quân27 January 2021 Last updated at 07:00 AM

What make the specialty' Homecoming Day 2021 program? - The show "Sunny Heart" will help audiences understand more about the courage and spirit of Vietnamese people around the world.

With the theme "Sunny Heart", Homecoming Day 2021 conveys many deeply moving stories of how the Vietnamese community overcoming epidemic crises and challenges in life.

"Usually, the Homecoming Day specialty is the images of our reporters taped abroad which implies messages and the content of the program. This year, we cannot travel abroad, but we have been working closely with VTV foreign bureaus and local people who can enter the epidemic zones and tell the stories about the characters, "said Le Hoang Linh from the production crew.

Hosting the show together with presenter Khac Nguyen is Ms. Bui Hong Van, a French-Vietnamese writer . She was also one of the guests on the show who recently recovered from the COVID-19 disease, which has killed millions of people around the world last year.

2020 was a special year for the world during the raging epidemic. But in the midst of that difficulty, it has set in motion many values ​​that have been passed down through generations of Vietnamese. Not only in Vietnam, but in many Vietnamese communities around the world, people have shown courage, solidarity, kindness, creativity to overcome many difficulties to get up, in the hope of affirming intense vitality.