"We Sisters" - An interesting rendezvous for women

by Hồng Quân21 July 2020 Last updated at 09:00 AM

'We Sisters' - An interesting rendezvous for women - With full of down-to-earth information about daily life, the program "We Sister" will be an interesting and attractive rendezvous for women of all ages.

With prosaic topics, We Sisters is a place for women of all ages to share with the audience about daily life, participate in interesting games and provide useful information.

Appearing throughout the program are People's Artist Le Khanh, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Hari Won, Miss Huong Giang and actress Thuy Ngan. Based on their personalities and experiences, the female artists will share their thoughts and multi-dimensional perspectives on events and issues in life.

Besides, in each episode will have the participation of a guest, be it an artist, a successful businessman or a psychologist. They can tell stories as well as opinions and thoughts about social issues. Most notably, for the first time, the guests will face the moment of telling the truth about the topic they are discussing.

Young people live or survive? Should women be single? Which argument for a lover? Crazy things in love? are the topics of the first episode of the show.

We Sisters will be broadcast at 8:30 every Wednesday on VTV3 from July 22.