VTV Special "Park Hang-seo": Unknown footage of a coach who made the history of Vietnamese soccer

by Hồng Quân02 January 2020 Last updated at 12:00 PM

VTV Special 'Park Hang-seo': Unknown footage of a coach who made the history of Vietnamese soccer - VTV Special will broadcast at 10:10 on January 4, 2020 a documentary about the life and career of South Korean coach Park Hang-seo.

VTV Special of January 20, 2020 episode titled "Park Hang-seo" is a story about the life and career of coach Park Hang-seo – a South Korean who brought great successes for Vietnamese football in the regional and continental arena for the past two years.

VTV Special episode "Park Hang-seo" has a duration of about 53 minutes, which production began in August 2019. In the process of making this documentary, the film crew followed the U22 Vietnam team from the early days, then participated in the trips to China to meet the Dutch coach Guus Hiddink who led the South Korean football team at World Cup 2002 as well as joined the historical journey with the national squad in the competition in the Philippines to shoot the unique images.

This is the first time the audience will be able to listen to the coach Park Hang-seo telling about the stories of his life and his troubled career before coming to Vietnam to take on the role of head coach and achieve many successes with the Red team.

Along with that, the behind-the-scenes images and tactical analysis of coach Park Hang-seo on the journey to conquer the historic gold medal in men's football at SEA Games 30 will also be revealed.

The VTV Special "Park Hang-seo" will premiere at 10:10 pm on January 4, 2020 on VTV1. Don’t miss it!