VTV’s documentary "Do you see what I see?" to be screened at INPUT 2019

by Hồng Quân17 February 2019 Last updated at 12:00 PM

VTV’s documentary 'Do you see what I see?' to be screened at INPUT 2019 - The documentary "Do you see what I see?" produced by the International Program Department (VTV4), will be premiered at the 2019 World Public Television Conference.

Broadcast on VTV Special time slot in 12/2018, the documentary “Do you see what I see?” tells about the life of the visually impaired, which promises to  amaze  the public. It tells  the story of Mr. Vuong An, although unable to see, he could still fish,  catch squid  and survive on an uninhabited island. Also the stories about the life of Mr. Nguyen Huy Viet - who conquered 21 km of Ha Giang mountain pass road or the cooking ability of Ms. Do Thuy Ha are portrayed in the documentary.

In addition to the aired version, the documentary also has a special version for the visually impaired. Immediately after the broadcast, the film received positive feedback from public opinion, most saying it touched their hearts.

In the middle of February 2019, the production team was told by  INPUT Executive Board 2019 about choosing Did you see what I see?  to screen at INPUT Conference 2019 projected to be held on May 9 this year in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the third year a product of Vietnam Television participates in  the most prestigious television event in the world.

The World Public Television Conference (Input) was established in 1977, as a venue to exchange experiences among public TV workers worldwide. This year, the event will be held in Thailand, from 6 - 10 May.

Each year, the organizers choose more than 70 films produced by  nearly 300 broadcast stations and media companies around the world. Two VTV’s documentaries have qualified to this list  which are the films Living beneath the Earth (2017) and the Endless Journey (2018).