"VTV Impressions - VTV Awards 2022" officially kicks off

by Hồng Quân07 September 2022 Last updated at 13:00 PM

'VTV Impressions - VTV Awards 2022' officially kicks off - On September 7, on the day VTV celebrates the 52nd anniversary of its first broadcast, the broadcaster also officially kicked off the 2022 "VTV Impressions - VTV Awards".

As an annual award of VTV, for many years, "VTV Impressions - VTV Awards" have been honoring individuals and groups who have made many impressive contributions to VTV programs in a year. And this year, on September 7 - VTV's anniversary - the "VTV Impressions - VTV Awards" Organizing Committee announced that it will officially kick off the 2022 awards.

According to BTC, the 2022 "VTV Impressions - VTV Awards" will include 12 categories.

1. Impressive TV host

2. Impressive male actor

3. Impressive actress

4. Impressive TV movie

5. Impressive documentary

6. Impressive Cultural and Sports Program

7. Impressive Entertainment Program

8. Program of the Year

9. Promising Artists

10. Impressive news reports

11. Impressive footage

12. Impressive Children and Education Program

The list of nominees for 12 categories of this year's "VTV - VTV Awesome Awards" will be announced from September 7 to October 10, respectively. On September 7, the list of nominees for the first two categories, namely Program of the Year and Impressive Host was announced. And so, by October 10, "VTV Impressions - VTV Awards " viewers will know the full nominations for all 12 categories in 2022. And the voting will continue to be updated thereafter.

After the list of nominees for the 12 categories is announced, voting for Phase 1 of "VTV Impressions - VTV Awards 2022" will also officially begin.

The final results, the winning individuals/programs in each category, will be announced at the Welcome New Year - VTV Impressions - VTV Awards 2022 Ceremony to be held on January 1, 2023.

All information on "VTV Impressions - VTV Awards 2022" will be updated regularly by VTV News.