Village Town: modern and colorful Vietnamese northern countryside

by Hồng Quân03 November 2021 Last updated at 08:00 AM

Village Town: modern and colorful Vietnamese northern countryside - The upcoming film Village Town on VTV1 will appeal a lot to television audiences by addressing rural themes with simple and colorful life stories.

Village Town is an interesting story about the life of the people of Tan Xuan Commune, associated with the changes when Nam was assigned the commune's police chief.

The film revolves around people's lives in Tan Xuan Commune, a commune that is not very large but has been greatly transformed by development and modernization. The peaceful village suddenly became "valuable" thanks to the increase in the value of the land. Many families neglected their rural work and immersed themselves in gambling. Social vices also increased since then, proportionally to the number of households that were poisoned by money.

While Tan Xuan was facing so many problems and confusion, Nam, played by actor Anh Tuan, an ordinary policeman, was sent to take up the position of police chief of the commune. Nam and his teammates no longer investigate criminal cases. Instead, they have to get used to handling trivial issues, sometimes problem such as appropriation of public land involving officials, businesses and individuals.

The longer he stays, the aware he is about the situation. The more he understands the people here, the more he becomes attached to and realizes the responsibility for the people and for the land of Tan Xuan.

Besides the "soup spoiling worms" that make Tan Xuan's land somewhat ugly, there are still simple, sincere and fair people who always support Nam and good things. Here, Nam makes more friends, has like-minded colleagues who share the common ideals. In particular, the beautiful but also turbulent love affair with Ngoc made this transfer and appointment become Nam's "destiny".

The film Village Town airs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night on VTV1 at 21:00, starting on November 8.