Tune in to the new news program "Message from the Doctor" on VTV1

by Hồng Quân10 September 2023 Last updated at 08:00 AM

Tune in to the new news program 'Message from the Doctor' on VTV1 - The new health news program on VTV1 channel called "Message from the Doctor" has been broadcast since September 5.

It is a program specialized in medical news, produced by the News Department and broadcast daily from Monday to Friday at 17:00 on VTV1 channel. In addition to continuously updating important national and global medical information, the "Doctor's Message" bulletin also provides the public with a lot of other useful information related to medical care, disease prevention and treatment, good medical equipment you need to know, and medical examination and treatment guidelines. The news bulletin also provides information on medicines and their use.

The birth of the medical news program "Message from the Doctor" responds to people's needs in the current situation where many epidemics are developing in a complicated way.

According to journalist Kim Xuan of the program, "Having followed the medical industry closely for a long time, I see that people are very concerned about health problems, and a lot of incorrect information about medical care is posted on social media, confusing them. The medical bulletin will provide accurate and complete information with the doctor's advice".