The 41st National Television Festival kicks off

by Hồng Quân16 August 2022 Last updated at 08:00 AM

The 41st National Television Festival kicks off - The 41st National Television Festival is scheduled for March 2023, hosted by Hai Phong Radio and Television.

The National Television Festival is a traditional activity organized by the Vietnam Television. The 41st National Television Festival is scheduled for March 2023, hosted by Hai Phong Radio and Television.

In order to prepare early for the Festival, the Organizing Committee announced a series of activities to be proactively implemented by units, radio and television stations throughout the country.

1. Time: 04 official days in mid-March 2023

2. Location: Hai Phong City

3. Grading and ranking of 9 categories.

3.1. Children's Programs.

3.2. Documentaries.

3.3. Reports.

3.4. Thematic and Science Programs.

3.5. Talk shows.

3.6. Television programs in ethnic minority languages

3.7. Music shows.

3.8. Theatre programs.

3.9. Television series.

The rules governing the competition categories remain the same as in the 40th National Television Festival.

4. Organization of seminars

The Organizing Committee of the National Television Festival will gather opinions from the units to decide on the content of the seminars (three seminars are expected).

5. Sidelines activities

- Photographic exhibition on activities of the national television industry.

- Tourism in Hai Phong.

- Charitable activities of the Vietnamese Heart Foundation.

6. Festival Jury

6.1. Jury number

Each competition category has one Jury composed of five members. Each Festival, the Jury will renew 50% of the members.

6.2. Nominations for the jury

The Jury should be experienced, professional, directly committed to the profession, recognized by colleagues and the audience, fair, not necessarily the leader of the unit. The Organizing Committee recommends that the units nominate individuals for the Jury with the following information:

- Number of nominations: Each contestant can submit more than one person (either from their unit or outside their unit) but can also not nominate if there are no qualified people.

- The list of nominees to participate in the Jury must clearly express information such as: History of work in the television industry, individual awards in journalism, television, literature and art won in competitions in the country and abroad (according to the attached nomination form). Based on the evaluation of the information, the Organizing Committee will select the judges with priority given to those who practice the profession.

It is recommended that the units consider, select and submit the list of nominees to the Section of Organization and Administration, Editorial Department, Vietnam Television (address: No. 43, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi) before September 30, 2022.

Phone: 024.38343445 (Mrs. Doan Thi Thanh Huyen - Mobile 0978986509).