Singing Voices 2020 – Unmissable school music program

by Hồng Quân23 January 2020 Last updated at 08:00 AM

Singing Voices 2020 – Unmissable school music program - Rated as the most popular school music program, Singing Voices - a program produced by VTV7 will make the come back on Tet holiday 2020.

Following the success of the 2019 version, on the occasion of Tet 2020, Singing Voices - the school's music and artistic program will make the come back with the whole new look and performances.

This is a program produced by VTV7 in collaboration with English Center RES.

Broadcast for the first time on the New Year of 2019, the Singing Voices immediately became a hit, which not only offered unique and attractive performances but also depicted the colorful life of the students.

The attraction of the program is also proven through impressive achievements in the past year. During the VTV Impressive Awards 2019, Singing Voices was nominated for the Program of the Year category. The program also won the Gold Prize at the 39th National Television Festival in the Music & Dance Program category.

Talking about the production process of the Singing Voices 2020 program, producer Ninh Quang Truong said: "This year, a lot of young people, teachers, students' parents have known about Singing Voices. It took nearly a year for many of them to audition and win the opportunity to become a part of the show. We have made a lot of efforts in creating the content, the staging, especially the message of the repertoire."

The program will air on January 25 on VTV7 channel.