News program Health 24h to be launched on VTV1 and Health 24 wepage on VTV News website

by Hồng Quân29 March 2018 Last updated at 08:00 AM

Comments0 - VTV’s News Center VTV24 and VTV News jointly launched the health news service on air and online.

The news bulletin Health 24h goes on air at 13h00 daily. It is the first health news service on VTV1 channel. The program is expected to update medical news from Vietnam and abroad as well as delivering health knowledge.

Health 24 is aimed at bridging the people, the patients and the national public healthcare authorities, hospitals, clinics and physicians all over the country. The program’s hot-line 0888.272.115 is standing by all day round every day to receive and respond to any emergency.

Health 24 also plans to play the protagonist role in launching charitable campaigns. Health 24 is expected to cover the vulnerable sector of the population (HIV/AIDS patients, drug users…), those who are discriminated against or those having poor health service access. It will also provide knowledge on survival skills as well.

In conjunction with Health 24 on air, the Health 24 page on VTV News website also covers those issues such as disease prevention, basic medical treatment with doctors’ advice, traditional medicine and sex education.

Health 24 webpage is highly interactive where the audience could ask questions regarding health to be explained by physicians. Other issues related to public health such as health insurance, health treatment are also subjects of online discussion where the audience’s questions will be answered by the public health authorities.

The webpage is expected to be rich in multi-media as it is integrated with a large video resource produced by Health 24 on air.