New version of No Distance to be broadcast from March 22

by Hồng Quân18 March 2020 Last updated at 00:00 AM

New version of No Distance to be broadcast from March 22 - From a little TV show in 2019 , No Distance 2020 will be upgraded to an impressive show of artists participating in the program.

Aired from the beginning of 2019, the program No Distance broadcast on VTV1 has received much positive feedback from the audience. Through music, the program narrows the geographical distance and the one between artists and audiences to make music lovers' hearts closer.

According to the production crew, No Distance in 2020 will have some changes, starting with the episode with a special guest who is singer Quang Dung.

In No Distance 2020, the crew spent a lot of time researching and learning about guest singers. Harnessing the emotions of the audience when listening to the singer singing and what his music brings to the listener's life are the new trait of the show.

Refreshing the image of the singer on stage is the highlight of the show. In the first episode of the new version with the guest who is singer Quang Dung, the audience will be listening to the songs once made his name such as: And We Are Passionate, Peaceful, Because I Love You Too . The songs combine new arrangements with a more youthful and vibrant style of the singer.

With the efforts, innovation in content and form of expression, each episode of No Distnace 2020 will bring music closer to the audience, helping viewers better understand the artists they love.

The first episode of No Distance new version will air at 20h40 on March 22 on VTV1 channel.