Ministry of Health in collaboration with VTV Digital to launch the program "Steadfast Vietnam"

by Hồng Quân17 September 2020 Last updated at 11:00 AM

Ministry of Health in collaboration with VTV Digital to launch the program 'Steadfast Vietnam' - The program "Steadfast Vietnam" is implemented by the VTV Digital team in cooperation with the Ministry of Health with the aim of supporting and updating information on anti-COVID-19 epidemic for people.

With the wish to deliver content in a dynamic and friendly way, the Steadfast Vietnam production team has tried to explore diverse approaches.

Guidance on disease prevention for oneself when arriving at airports, instructions when taking children to school, riding public transport or being at crowded places such as supermarkets, restaurants ... are the topics that Steadfast Vietnam production team chooses to provide practical information, helping people to master effective prevention measures.

"Vietnam is a reality TV show combined with reports to educate people on the sense of protecting their own health and that of those around us in public. Our theme selection criteria are areas that are regularly gathered by many people such as airports, restaurants, supermarkets ...", Manh Cuong - representative of the production team shared his opinion.

Each episode of Steadfast Vietnam lasts more than 3 minutes to both warn of the risk of COVID-19 infection when going to public places, and integrate the safety guidelines of epidemic prevention in a dynamic and friendly way. For that purpose, the production team has integrated many ways of conveying information.

Sharing about the process of participating in the show, host Son Lam said: "The host here is like an experienced character who goes to various filming locations to show the audience how to protect themselves and others".

Another content of these broadcasts is the process preventing the epidemic in many localities in Vietnam. Through the reporter's own experience, the crew has conveyed a lot of authentic and emotional experiences to the audience.