Joining Digicon6 - a short graphic movie competition, why not?

by Hồng Quân04 August 2019 Last updated at 09:00 AM

Joining Digicon6 - a short graphic movie competition, why not? - Periodically, Digicon6 - a short movie making competition for graphic filmmakers is held on VTV7.

Digicon6 is a competition for amateur and professional graphic filmmakers which started in 2000 in Japan. Throughout its history, DigiCon6's most important role has been the introduction of innovative products across Asia, as well as the authors who create them, to the world.

Each country will strictly and objectively evaluate the products to choose the best ones. This is the third time VTV7 National TV Channel has hosted the competition in Vietnam to find the best works to represent Vietnam at DigiCon6 ASIA to be held in Hong Kong. This is an event that brings together talents in the field of graphic production, in which, leaving behind political and geographical barriers, filmmakers will interact with each other.


Any form of expression or topic is acceptable. Submissions must be of digital content with duration not exceeding 15 minutes. The submissions need to meet one of the following conditions:

• Computer graphics (2D/3D)

• Live action movies processed by digital devices

• All 3D format movies (including stop-motion and clay animation)


• Citizens living and working in Vietnam are eligible to participate, regardless of age and gender.

• Professional or amateur filmmakers are also eligible.

• Participants must hold the copyright of their products.

• The music and sound used in the movie must be owned by the author, or if music and other sounds are used, it must be a copyright-free product.

• Each application can submit more than one entry.


Gold Award (1 entry): one trip to Japan to attend DigiCon6 Asia + certificate.

Silver Prize (1 entry): certificate + opportunity to work with VTV7

Preference Prize (voted by the audience) (1 entry): certificate + opportunity to work with VTV7

The winner of the Gold Prize will go to Hong Kong to attend DigiCon6 Asia with a representative of the organizing board and another of the media.


• All products must be submitted before September 2, 2019.

1. Each applicant must download the application form from the following link [Download form]

2. Applicants must fill out the application form, send it by mail or submit it directly at the following address:

3. Each application should specify:

- Name of the entry

- Name of participant

- The duration of the product

• [FORMAT OF THE ENTRY] Submissions must be submitted in Mini DV or DVD (NTSC or PAL).

Any questions please contact email: