Fishery, forestry, agriculture headed in right direction

by VTV412 October 2017 Last updated at 16:12 PM

Fishery, forestry, agriculture headed in right direction - The rural economy, agriculture, forestry & fishery are all developing well thanks the shift in the production structure and the socio-economy is improving in terms of both quantity&quality, which are considered stably developing motivations.

This is the sanguine assessment made by the general investigating report on rural areas, agriculture and fisheries done by the General Statistics Office of Vietnam during 2016.

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries will be restructured based on a model of expanding production scale and reducing small businesses, according to the report. Besides, thanks to the utilization of VietGAP, science technology application and value-chain connections will increase, resulting in efficient manufacturing and quality output.

Noticeably, only half of the businesses make profits, which proves the inefficiency of the production models and fields. According to experts, large-scale agriculture needs to be based on pooling land, improving labor quality and science technology investment match with manufacturing in value chains.