Facing burning issues on VTV1

by Hồng Quân01 August 2019 Last updated at 09:00 AM

Facing burning issues on VTV1 - True to its name, "Face to Face" is a program which directly addresses many urgent problems which are of particular interests of the public.

“Face to Face” is the new program that is about to be aired on VTV1 by the News and Current Affairs Department. With a duration of 45 minutes/show, “Face to Face” provides a comprehensive overview on social burning issues. With an open format and a highly qualified production team, the program does not have fixed format as to how many parts it has or how many guests it invites. It all depends on the content.

Finding an appropriate form of delivering the content is always a challenge for news and current affairs programs and “Face to Face” is no exception. Therefore, many plans have been considered by the production team so that this new program would be delivered lively and effectively.

In the first episode, "The negative side of social media" is the topic selected by the production team.

The program, which delivers multi-dimensional information on burning issues of the society, will be hosted by experienced journalists and promises to be a key program that cannot be missed.

“Face to Face” is scheduled to be broadcast on the last Wednesday of the month on VTV1 channel. The first episode on "The negative side of social media" is scheduled to be aired at 10h10 on July 31.