Export potential of Vietnamese fruits

by VTV407 December 2017 Last updated at 16:32 PM

Export potential of Vietnamese fruits - With the increasing growth of the fruit export sector, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, on Wednesday, rganized a conference to discuss industry’s fruit production and export potential.

In 2012, fruit exports in Vietnam reached 800 million USD. By November this year, the figure had reached 3.1 billion USD. In the first 11 months of this year, the fruit export market grew by 43% from the same period last year. Fruits from Vietnam are currently present in more than 86 markets worldwide, including in Thailand, which is considered the leading exporter of fruits. Exported fruits from Vietnam include dragon fruits, mangoes, rambutan, watermelons, longans and lychees. Fruit farmers have also been enjoying income about 4 times higher compared to rice farmers. In Tien Giang for example, a hectare of durian, mango or dragon fruit reaps an annual revenue of over 30,000 to nearly 45,000 USD for farmers.