Editor Thu Ha returns to VTV1 to host HiTech: Technology of the Future

by Khánh Huyền11 November 2023 Last updated at 00:00 AM

Comments0 - After taking almost a year off to care for her own family, anchor Thu Ha is set to return to television screens with 'HiTech: Technology of the Future.

Anchor Thu Ha is a versatile presenter who is loved by many television viewers. At the young age of 23, Thu Ha took on the role of anchoring the prime time news. At that time, she was the youngest news anchor on the program.

Although she has been a news anchor on VTV for many years, Thu Ha always captivates the audience with her friendly face, beautiful looks, and confident host demeanor every time she appears.

Before becoming a news anchor, Thu Ha was among the top 10 in the Miss Vietnam 2006 pageant and also appeared in several TV series. Currently, she devotes most of her time to her television career.

After almost a year off the air to focus on taking care of her small family, Thu Ha recently confirmed to VTV News that she will return to the screen in November with the programs 'HiTech: Technology of the Future' and 'Cultural Perspective'.

Commenting on almost a year of "hiding" from the public eye, Thu Ha said, "The time off last year not only allowed me to take care of my small family, but also helped me rejuvenate my energy, reflect on myself and my work, observe friends, colleagues at work, and VTV programs from an audience's perspective. Before, I was always caught up in the hectic cycle of reporting and hosting programs and had no time to rest, so this time was really meaningful. When I return, I hope that my programs will bring new, practical and effective experiences to the viewers.

As a technology journalist and long-time host at VTV, Thu Ha promises to bring many exciting and fresh elements to the "HiTech: Technology of the Future".

"As a technology journalist, I'm very excited to take on the role of host and editor of 'HiTech: Technology of the Future. I hope to bring viewers content of high professional quality, while making it interesting in its presentation," she said.

In fact, the VTV News Department has been covering technology-related issues and digital transformation for many years. However, with the rapid development of technology in the past two years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has had an even more significant impact on people's lives and has permeated every aspect of human life. Along with the positive aspects, there are also limitations and negative aspects that technology brings, making those who are not well versed in technology vulnerable to online scams...," said Thu Ha.

This program has been developed with a lot of passion from the whole team. The program is concise and easy to watch, yet highly informative, especially very relatable, understandable and easy to watch. Although it is about technology, it is presented in a lively, modern way that satisfies technology enthusiasts.

In the past, technology programs may have been a bit dated and dry, but with the more engaging presentation, 'HiTech: Technology of the Future' provides viewers with forward-looking and highly applicable information in a contemporary and understandable way," added Thu Ha.

"HiTech: Technology of the Future" is a technology segment produced by the VTV News Department and broadcast on VTV1 since early 2023. The program consists of "Technological Trends", "Technological Lifestyles" and "Technological Innovations". It provides weekly coverage of noteworthy technology stories, updates, and in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends. It also covers everyday tech life, how to master tech devices, and how to minimize the negative impact of technology.

The engaging presentation style adds to the program's appeal. Although it's a technology program, it blends music, film and visual arts with impressive investments in 2D and 3D graphics. The show airs every Thursday at 8:35 pm on VTV1.