Don't miss the Flag Color Memory program (8.10pm, December 5th, VTV1)

by Hồng Quân26 November 2020 Last updated at 08:00 AM

Don't miss the Flag Color Memory program (8.10pm, December 5th, VTV1) - This December, the program Flag Color Memory will be broadcast on VTV1, gathering stories and characters representing generations of Vietnamese who highlighted the colors of the Vietnamese flag.

The Flag Color Memory will bring many meaningful stories and deep memories on the soldiers of Uncle Ho. For the first time a war truck model was erected on the studio of Flag Color Memory program.

Not only helping the audience vividly visualize the stories of the Truong Son female drivers; the show touched the guests' heart with unforgettable memories.

"The footage that we found about the truck with broken windshield battalion or the army unit of truck drivers in Truong Son inspired me with lots of admiration. When sitting beside the female soldiers and chat with them, I had a very special, unforgettable feeling," said journalist Dang Diem Quynh, Youth Program Department, Vietnam Television.

In addition, the program also has the special guests who are People's Artists Trung Duc and Thu Hien to sing the familiar song: East Truong Son, West Truong Son.

In addition to the guests who were the female truck drivers in Truong Son trail, the program also features others who were former prisoners of Hoa Lo penitentiary center, Colonel of intelligence Nguyen Van Tau, female members of the Saigon Squad or those who have spent times in their lives building the Hoa Binh hydropower project....

Through 3 chapters: Color of Blood, Color of Aspiration and Color of Dawn, TV viewers will deeply understand the message of the program.

Do not miss the Flag Color Memory program to be broadcast at 20:10 on Saturday 5th December on VTV1 channel.