Culture Column: "Dissection" of cultural issues from many perspectives

by Hồng Quân07 September 2022 Last updated at 06:00 AM

Culture Column: 'Dissection' of cultural issues from many perspectives - The Culture column, produced by the News Department, offers a multidimensional perspective on hot cultural issues.

In-depth commentary, providing multiple perspectives on the same topic, the Culture Column requires the production team to have a flexible plan to ensure broadcast schedule every day.

Lasting about 10 minutes, the daily Culture Column chooses to cover outstanding cultural topics and content that are of interest from a variety of perspectives.

Not following a fixed scheme, the Culture Column promotes the creativity of 3 production groups, each group is in charge of 1 day, alternately, so there is enough time to delve into the topic. "A daily 10-minute broadcast with the most important goal of commenting on cultural issues is a big challenge for the production team. Therefore, we have to mobilize experienced cultural reporters. Experienced staff from the News Department who participate in this program are assigned to different production teams with the aim of maximizing creativity and initiative in order to exploit diverse topics," - shared editor Kim Hai, producer of Culture Column.

According to Kim Hai, this column emphasizes interaction with the audience. In addition, the production team also welcomes expert opinions.

After the test episodes, the production teams are preparing to broadcast the first series with the theme: "Virtual network: real consequences", "Keeping the spirit of Full Moon Festival", "Piracy of TV series rights".

The Culture section is scheduled to air at 11:05 a.m. every day on VTV1, starting September 7.