Crystal cloud light exhibition on terraced field in Mu Cang Chai

by VTV420 May 2018 Last updated at 08:18 AM

Comments0 - For the first time in Vietnam, an exhibition to promote terraced fields was held at Mù Cang Chải district, Yên Bái province.

Entitled "Crystal Cloud", the exhibition was set up at the Mâm Xôi Viewpoint, one of the areas with the most beautiful terraced fields in the world. The artwork involved 60,000 crystal beads attached to a web of steel to form crystal clouds.

Photo provided by Architect Pham Thanh Duong
Photo provided by Architect Pham Thanh Duong

The refraction of crystal beads in the sun and the water's surface make a scene of rainbows on the terraced fields. It's an unforgettable site for people who visit Mù Cang Chải during the event.

Tourists now have the chance to enjoy the unique culture of the H'mong people who farm wet rice on hills.