Cao Bang establishes Phia Oac - Phia Den national park

by VTV415 May 2018 Last updated at 17:09 PM

Cao Bang establishes Phia Oac - Phia Den national park
The Phia Oac – Phia Den National Park encompasses a total natural area of more than 10,590 hectares (Photo: - The Northern mountainous province of Cao Bang announced the Prime Minister's decision on the establishment of Phia Oắc - Phia Đén National Park on May 14.

Covering 10,593 hectares, the park has 77% of natural forest. The park is home to 1,287 types of plants, of which more than 90 are in danger of extinction.

The area hosts Phia Oắc Mount  one of the three main tourism routes in Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark. Non Nuoc Cao Bang was the second UNESCO-recognised Global Geopark in Vietnam after Dong Van Karst Plateau.

Scientific research and activities will be held here to preserve and develop endangered genetic resources, rescue wildlife animals and raise public awareness on the importance of environmental protection and biodiversity.