Autonomous and robot-driven motorcycles are presented CES 2018

by PV/VTV13 January 2018 Last updated at 07:08 AM

Autonomous and robot-driven motorcycles are presented CES 2018
(Photo: - Yamaha Motor Co. made their debut this week at CES, the world's biggest annual technology trade show in Las Vegas, with two game-changing motorcycle prototypes which incorporate robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Yamaha's MOTOROiD autonomous motorcycle, which created much excitement on the convention floor in Las Vegas, uses AI, cameras, sensors and facial recognition technology to assess its rider's biometrics and movements and adapts accordingly to improve safety, handling and mobility.

The MOTOROiD also comes or goes away from the rider when it is called or sent away. Also brought to CES by Yamaha is MOTOBOT Version 2, which actually rides a standard motorcycle without undergoing any fundamental modification to the motorcycle.

While MOTOROiD uses its technology to better understand the driver and improve handling and mobility, MOTOBOT is primarily concerned with going fast.