Vietnam-ROK literature exchange opens in HCM City

by VOV23 November 2017 Last updated at 21:55 PM - The Vietnam-ROK literature exchange opened in HCM City today (November 23) with nearly 100 representatives from Dongni-Mogwol Memorial Society of the Republic of Korea and HCM City Writers’ Association in attendance.

The event is part of activities celebrating the 2017 Ho Chi Minh City – Gyeongju World Cultural Festival.

At the opening ceremony, Chairman of HCM City Writers’ Association Tran Van Tuan said Vietnam and ROK share many cultural similarities and the ROK’s miracle economic development has given impetus and valuable lessons to the international integration process of Vietnam and in particular HCM City.

He emphasised that works of Korean culture, art, and literature have entered the Vietnamese market and the world, which has inspired Vietnamese writers to modernize their writing style.

Head of the Dongni-Mogwol Memorial Society Ju Han tae described the event as an opportunity for both nations to learn about each other’s time-honoured history and culture, helping strengthen friendship and cultural exchange for the common prosperity of the East Asian region.

The event will help writers get a better understanding about the literature of each nation, discuss approaches to development, and open up opportunities for cultural exchange as well as advancing the relationship between Vietnam and ROK for the future.

Nguyen Quang Thieu, director of Vietnam Writers Association Publishing House said the ROK has shown keen interest in Vietnamese literature and  Vietnamese writers and poets have regularly attended seminars on literature in the ROK.

Literal works of local writers such as Bao Ninh, Le Minh Khue, and Nguyen Ngoc Tu have been published in the ROK. Meanwhile, Vietnam has translated and published a great deal of Korean literature which has been popular with Vietnamese readers.


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