The cultural beauty of Hue channeled through “The muse of Hue” series

by Trong Nhan01 June 2018 Last updated at 10:00 AM

The series of
The series of "The Muse of Hue" is introduced by its production team. (Photo: - The series "The Muse of Hue" is a project that arose from the cultural cooperation between Vietnam and Korea. Its goal is to introduce viewers to the beauty, culture, cuisine, and tourism of Hue.

The series has already attracted a lot of attention from audiences and has become a popular hashtag on social networks.

The series of "The Muse of Hue" is a project of cultural cooperation between Vietnam and Korea, co-produced by Namcito Creative (Vietnam) and Furmo DT (Korea). The series aims to introduce the beauty of culture, cuisine, tourism and lifestyle of Hue people.

Le Tran Ngoc Tran, Miss Tourism Hue 2015, is the main actress of the series as a "Muse of Hue." The series plot is the daily story of the character named "Nang" at her garden house with year-round fruit trees. Several dishes from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, from rustic to royal are made by the "Muse of Hue" herself, so as to introduce the cultural beauty from the royal old time till the present time.

The series exploits the beauty of landscapes in Hue, such as pagodas, temples, Phuoc Tich ancient village, An Hien garden house, etc. Its theme music is made by composer Chris Wong (the US). The series has 20 episodes, each of which is 10 minutes long, is shown at the same time in both Vietnam and Korea.

"The muse of Hue" is expected to pave the way for young Vietnamese film producers to develop their talents. It will also promote the beauty of Vietnam's cultural values to the world.


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