Repair underway in flood-hit areas

by VTV410 August 2017 Last updated at 12:52 PM - The most serious flood in 70 years has caused heavy losses for the people of Muong La District in Son La Province.

Nearly a week has passed, but residents in Nam Pam Commune, the centre of the flood, are still in shock due to the terrible destruction left in its aftermath. At present, It Ong Town and five other communes in Mường La District are still isolated. Repair work has been quickly carried out in affected areas as the water recedes.

Ten Village in Ít Ong Town, Muong La District. Quang Van Lai and his family are rebuilding their house while having to collect rain water for their daily use. Almost a week after the flood, Lai and his fellow villagers have yet to get over the shock. No one would have expected that the gentle and peaceful stream could one day sweep everything away.

Ít Ong Town is one among five areas in Muong La District still isolated by floods. All routes are damaged. Clean water is not available. Electricity is cut off. The local authorities are using dynamos to provide power for people.

Nam Pam Bridge, the only bridge connecting route 279D to the five communes in Mường La District, has collapsed. Traffic to this area is paralysed. As soon as the water receded, hundreds of workers have been mobilised to repair the bridge.

The authorities and local people are working together to overcome difficulties and restore some semblance of normality. But there remains a lot to do, electricity, water, communication links, clinics, schools, and production all need to be restored.

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