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by Hung Nguyen13 May 2017 Last updated at 08:00 AM - Huyen Khanh Ly is French Vietnamese. She was the winner of the French Master Chef in 2015 and was the second Vietnamese-born person to win a Master Chef competition, besides Christine Ha.

Who is the winner of French Master Chef 2015? The winner is Khanh Ly.

Huynh Khanh Ly said: Being a Master Chef somehow changes my life. I am now a chef. I only cook, not doing anything else. I was invited to the French Embassy in Vietnam also because of this. In France, I forgot that I won Master Chef as I have to work really hard. I was reminded about that in Vietnam, which makes me so happy.

Khanh Ly was born in France in 1991. She got the passion for cooking from her parents. After winning Master Chef in France back in 2015, she is now a chef and an adviser for many restaurants. She receives invitations to often travel abroad. Her first trip to Vietnam was three years ago.

Born and raised in France, Khanh Ly stood out for her combination between Eastern and Western elements. She recently had the chance to meet and inspire many young Vietnamese with their passions for cooking. Let's meet her in the following report.

"I used to want to have more chances to visit Vietnam. It's three years since my first trip to Vietnam and I started to miss Vietnam, especially Hanoi, where my mother was born. I was so moved when visiting Hanoi. I was born and raised in France but I have heard everything about Vietnam. But when visiting the country, everything is completely different from what I imagined. I cried a lot . I now know about the very big family in Vietnam as well as the culture and spirit of the country", Huynh Khanh Ly added.

She has recently returned to Vietnam for the Taste of France series of events. Here, she showed the Vietnamese students how to cook French dishes.

Nguyen Vy Chau Giang, Vietnam University of Commerce said: She has inspired everyone. She's really friendly and I hope to have more chances to meet and learn from her.

Tran Minh Khue, Grade 11, Chu Van An High School said: I really admire her. I'll learn about French cuisine in the future. Khanh Ly is very friendly and we've learned a lot from her.

Each time returning to Vietnam, Khanh Ly has new inspirations to create new dishes. Khanh Ly will return to Vietnam in the future and is considering opening a restaurant in Vietnam.


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