JICA urges acceleration of ODA projects

by VTV421 April 2017 Last updated at 09:00 AM

JICA urges acceleration of ODA projects - JICA chief representative Yasuo Fujita said Vietnam has a high rate of completion of ODA projects compared to other nations receiving aid from Japan International Co-operation Agency, JICA.

Nevertheless, the speed of aid disbursement and project progress are still said to be in need of improvement. He made the comments at the agency's annual press conference on Thursday. The JICA chief continued on to note that the disbursement rate of funds for ODA projects in Vietnam in 2017's fiscal year would be slower than in 2016. Limitations faced in 2016 still exist today, including administrative procedures or land clearance delays. For example, with the Hanoi Railway project, the process to assess the investment took nearly 4 years. The JICA chief called for increased collaboration for each project to ensure the speed of completion is further prioritised.