Green branding for Vietnamese brands

by VTV421 April 2017 Last updated at 14:32 PM

Green branding for Vietnamese brands - Brand promotion strategies to be associated with the protection of the environment and consumers' health, or green branding is not a new thing in many countries, but in Vietnam, this is progress.

Instead of conventional processing, this company has invested in the construction of a clean and safe production zone. These rice products, despite being sold at double the market price, are still well received by consumers. Currently five product lines of this company are being distributed into many retail systems and prepared for exports.

According to a survey by the global marketing research firm Nielsen, up to 80% of Vietnamese consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products. Branded businesses that are committed to producing green and clean products have also witnessed a growth of four times as much as others in the same sector.

Green branding isn't a new story internationally. However, in Vietnam, it is quite novel. Only some enterprises that have a long-term vision have green growth in their strategies. Many Vietnamese businesses, especially small and medium firms, have been conflicted between profit targets and sustainable growth.

Experts says in Vietnam there has been a certain shift in favour of a green trading activities, albeit slowly. This is the premise for Vietnamese brands to gain a foothold in the country and the world.